We are a non-profit organization that brings clarity and peace of mind to the process of long and short term financial planning for the disabled community through the use of special needs trusts. Special Needs Trusts allow an individual's assets to be held and utilized on their behalf while continuing to access Medicaid and Social Security.

This gets past the "spend down" approach that leaves a person depending solely upon government services, greatly diminishing one's possibilities.

Special Needs Trusts need not be complicated; with the guidance we offer and four trust options to choose from, it allows the individual and/or entire family to become educated and secure in their long and short term future objectives. In addition, we offer advice on guardianship, educate the community and advocate for disability rights. Our goal is to provide a sound financial structure that will allow a disabled individual to maximize their finances and get on with the business of living their life.

Contact us and learn more about how we can help you enhance your options.

Duncan, Louie and his Mom sitting next to the lake in vermont