Atech Services announces closing ~ Services will continue through other providers

ATECH Services announced that they will be winding down operations this winter and officially closing on February 28, 2019. Assistive technology services provided by ATECH will transition to other providers in the Granite State on March 1, 2019.

Jon Eriquezzo, Director of ATECH Services said in a letter, “We are extraordinarily proud of the incredible work our staff has done these past 10 years and our decision to close has nothing to do with our efforts. Simply put, the reimbursement rates for ATECH were not nearly enough to sustain it. I can personally assure you that we worked tirelessly to find a way for ATECH to be sustainable, from developing new efficiencies to exploring potential mergers with tech companies. We’d also like to thank officials from the Department of Health and Human Services for working closely with us during this process.”

Eriquezzo assures clients that because the state is mandated to provide these services, they will not be going away.

“Over the course of this process, ATECH will work with clients, DHHS state, and the State’s two Medicaid Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), New Hampshire Healthy Families and Well Sense Health Plan, to ensure this transition is as successful as possible. I can assure you that his is our primary goal these next few months”, said Eriquezzo.

Clients who are scheduled to receive initial assistive technology assessments from ATECH will be contacted by the Department or their respective MCO to proactively make arrangements for any necessary consultations in advance of the scheduled transition on March 1, 2019.

for more information, please call one of the numbers below depending on your insurance carrier:

  • New Hampshire Healthy Families - 603-263-7232

  • Well Sense- 877-957-1300

  • NH Medicaid (and other insurance) - 603-271-9384

the Refurbished Equipment marketplace ( will continue to operate, providing low-cost, high-quality refurbished medical equipment and assistive technology. No other Crotched Mountain services (e.g., Ready Set Connect) are affected by the transition. ATECH customers are encouraged to call 603-226-2900 with any questions.